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Know About Embroidery

Know About Embroidery

In today’s age embroidery is usually seen on caps, T-shirts, coats, Uniforms, blankets, denim and dresses.

Embroidery is the skill of beautifying any fabric or other materials using needle and thread or when a design is sewn onto a garment or fabric with the help of computerized embroidery machine.  Much like screen printing the desired artwork needs to be supplied as a high -resolution image file at the correct size before being digitized.

Historical Significance

In ancient times the embroidered clothing, religious objects and other household items were considered as a symbols of status.

The development of machine embroidery came into existence during the industrial revolution.

Materials used in Embroidery

In traditional embroidery, different kinds of threads and yams were in use. Wool, linen and silk have been used for thousands of years. Today, embroidery yam is manufactured in cotton, rayon and novelty yarns in addition to traditional threads made up of wool and silk.

Computerized or machine embroidery is used to add logos and monograms to gift items, business shirts, t-shirts or jackets and team apparel as well as to decorate household linens, draperies, and decorator fabrics that mimic the elaborate hand embroidery of the past.

Embroidery Services, Clothing Embroidery Perth, Custom Logo Embroidery Perth & Uniforms

We, at Wanneroo Uniforms, in Perth are extremely focused on delivering quality embroidery services to our customers. We are located in Perth, Wangara Western Australia.  We source material from reputable suppliers.  With more than 10 years of experience and expertise, we specialize in bringing traditional embroidery skills to a new creative modern trend.

Wanneroo Uniforms have vast experience in clothing embroidery, logo embroidery, shirt, t-shirts embroidery and uniforms embroidery in Perth. We understand that quality is every customer’s priority when it comes to clothing and we, at Wanneroo Uniforms take great care of this aspect. We use top quality fabric and polyester threads to withstand the harshest of industrial washing.

When you are looking for customized clothing embroidery services in Perth, Wanneroo Uniforms is your only destination as we are pleased to offer you a wide range of custom embroidery clothing which includes: shirts, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Uniforms and logo embroidery.

Logo Embroidery Perth

In case you don’t have a clear idea about your desired logo design, we can help you in creating the desired logo as per your taste which will make you stand out.

When we are approached to work on your brand, we take great care to ensure we fully understand your requirements. This helps to ensure that the outcome is strong and relevant which ultimately encourages customer loyalty and brand recognition.

In addition to that, we also offer digitizing which converts handmade artwork to a graphic format which is suitable for embroidery.

Corporate Shirts, T-shirts

You can choose from a huge and incredible variety of corporate shirts and t-shirts available in our showrooms in Perth. Featuring brands by Biz Collection, JB’s Wear, Aussie Pacific, City Collection and more.

Furthermore we also provide custom embroidery clothing in Perth where you can send us the physical design samples or drawings and fabric requirements, color preferences and quality. We will send you the quotation regarding cost and time involved in the desired production.

You could change the fabric or colors or sizes from our existing designs. What you need to do is simply inform us of your requirements so our design team can assist you.  Samples will be developed and approved before mass production.

Uniform Embroidery

A popular saying is “A man becomes the creature of his uniform”.

At Wanneroo Uniforms, we make it easy to design your own customized uniform for those who are looking to create their own business uniforms or sporting team items like hoodies, jackets or polo shirts.  For custom printed shirts or school leavers’ jackets for students or protective cotton drill workwear, coveralls or pants for your company, we’ve got you all you need.

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